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Group Ride 1-terra studios

Group Ride 2-cliff house

Group Ride 5-peel ferry


Group Ride 7-Bridge/dam

hwy 21-ozarks national forest, oark general store, hwy 23-Pig trail north to eureka springs

There will be two different rides each day to choose from. Please click to schedule your rides. Click on the map to load the Google Map.


hwy 23 south-pig trail to Terra Studios, then back roads to Turpentine Creek Wildlife refuge


hwy 23 north to beaver bridge, Crystal Bridges Museum, lunch at hammontrees, War Eagle mill


Hwy 23-Pig Trail South, HWY 16 Ozarks national forest, Hwy 7 lunch at cliff house

hwy 62 to peel ferry, north on hwy 125 to lamberts for lunch then back to eureka springs

Quick trip to beaver dam and to beaver bridge

Group Ride 4-oark

Group Ride 6-hwy 123


Group Ride 3-crystal bridges

hwy 21 to hwy 43 Poca/Boxley Yalley, HWY 74 to HWY 123 (Arkansas Dragon), Lunch in Jasper at the Ozarks Cafe